VOID – Fashion Film *******************


After the succes of our first collaboration “Ignorance is keeping us alive” we wanted to make a new film with fashion designer Maarten van Mulken. Something bigger and bolder with just a dollop of story but soaked in atmosphere and mood. “What is the coolest place on earth?” and we both kind of said “ICELAND!” at the same time. Together with theatre friend’s from Maarten van Mulken and local talent in Reykjavik we embarked on a 3 day film shoot around the southwest-coast of Iceland. Stunning landscapes, hidden waterfalls and black sand beaches.

Maarten about his collection “VOID”: “The project is about a loss of purpose people often feel in this life. You live and you die. The in between in a giant ‘what the f***’ for a lot of people. With this collection I try to give the viewer a sense of absurd purpose back. Something to shield themselves with. I also wanted to raise questions regarding this topic, life isn’t all that bad and make the best of it. It’s a personal approach so don’t take life too serious, you only live it once and it’s yours, nobody else’s. The collection is dark themed, because in the end it will end so it also had a not so pleasant side to it.”

It is currently being send to (Fashion) Film Festivals around the world. List with Offical Selections, Nominations and Winnings will be updated at the end of 2019.

Cast & Crew

Director: Roman Villevoye
Fashion: Maarten van Mulken
Producer: Studio Selvedge
Director of Photography: Roman Villevoye
Photographer (+ various dresses): Merel Severs
Orange dress (+various dresses): Stella Höttler
Editor: Roman Villevoye
Make-Up: Bertmari Ýr
Music Composer: Tim Coenen
Models: Victoria Heiður Barthélémy
Linda Björt
Sunna Björk Ívarsdóttir
Nkechi Okolobielu
Auður Pálmadóttir
Eva Röver
Elísabet Thea Kristjánsdóttir
Bertmari Ýr