Vera de Pont – Assembly Lab *******************


Designer: Vera de Pont
Film: Studio Selvedge
Music: Tim Coenen

Assembly Lab is Vera de Pont’s Master Graduation project in collaboration with TuDelft. Assembly Lab is a local manufacturing facility for wearables that eventually aims to work only with additive manufacturing (adding layers instead of removing them). It’s 3D printed with multi material, allowing for a very high resolution prints and the use of multiple materials in one print (hard and soft materials together).


Studio Selvedge’s job was to film and animate the brand video for the 3 pieces that are in the collection. Showcase the way to fabric flows, highlight the special features including 3D printed multi material glasses. Music in collaboration with Vera, made by Tim Coenen. We wanted a slow motion easy look to the film but a kind of weird tension feel with the music.