Tess van Zalinge AFW SS2017 *******************


Backstage/Frontage minute recap of her Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek event.

Van Zalinge was inspired by traditional costumes and classic craftsmanship. She collaborated with a lingerie shop, for example, that specialises in hand crafted products.  Van Zalinge: “To me, innovation isn’t something that just happens. People always fall back on what they know and improve existing techniques. I try to approach lingerie design similarly.”


Studio Selvedge had backstage and frontage passes to film this event along with Tess van Zalinge. What you see below is the minute version that is easy to view for social media like Facebook and Instagram. Bite-size content that encompasses mostly the show itself. The second video is the bigger episode like content that comprises mostly of the backstage experience.

Visit Tess van Zalinge’s website HERE