Lola + Lou ON RECORD: AFW *******************


This event was the first official event of new and up-and-coming Dutch lingerie brand Lola + Lou in the Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam. The central focus of this day is the importance of recording life and visions, and sharing those with the rest of the world.

Lola + Lou invites you to experience their brand identity in different ways; photography, film and illustration and a word from founder Malou van den Broek herself.


Studio Selvedge was asked to show the video/animation side of recording fashion. We decided to make a live stop-motion involving the audience interacting with the model wearing the lingerie. They could see themselves on a large 55″ monitor every time a photo was taken. Then the software would make it into a moving stop-motion animation which was presented live so everyone could see themselves star in the video.

This are all the live animations combined with a timelaps . Be sure to check out their instagram @lolaloulingerie or our instagram @studioselvedge