Marlou Breuls July ’17 AFW *******************


Designer: Marlou Breuls
Film: Studio Selvedge

At every edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, upcoming talents show us what they got at Future Generation. This time the choice was made to do a group exposition. Some highlights are mentioned here.

“In this edition of Future Generation we asked designers and other creatives to think about the future”, says Peter Leferink at the opening of the group exposition inside the Machinegebouw. The result: eleven completely different projects that share the same innovative, experimental character. Every single one of the eleven projects is worth mentioning, but we selected a few highlights.


Marlou Breuls’ not only had a new 2 piece collection made for this episode of Future Generation, but also a performance with 2 dancers and a magic white background that moves and compounds you to keep your eyes fixed.