Marlou Breuls – AFW Jan ’17 *******************


Designer: Marlou Breuls
Film: Studio Selvedge

To close out opening night, Future Generation will take a look into the future with The Painting. The idea behind this show is that today is the beginning of tomorrow, it’s a blank page that we can fill with our own dreams, colour in with hope and give shape with belief. The present creates tomorrow and it must be cherished. Nine promising designers have been charged with giving their own white canvases shape and direction. One of them was Marlou Breuls. This is a backstage look at that night.


Studio Selvedge’s job was to follow designer Marlou Breuls around all afternoon capturing the backstage hustle and bustle. Showing her making last minute adjustments, dressing the models and overseeing the make-up and dress rehearsal. With in the end the show and the celebration of a job well done.