Dance a Measure – our Fashion Film


Studio Selvedge wanted to make a fashion film for ourselves. Something to poor in all our creativity. It’s a movie inspired by early Jackie Chan movies and a Neil Gaiman poem called “No Path Untaken”.

Studio Selvedge always like to collaborate, now is a Fashion Film by definition a collaboration with the designer but because Dance a Measure is also a dance movie we invited the help of Chorographer Stefan Ernst and 2 dancers from the Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht named Patricio Bucci and Luiz Pedraza. Also a huge help was working together with Design duo I A I O who are our production designers on this project.

We can only show the Trailer because the full fashion film is being send to Fashion Film Festivals around the world.

Cast & Crew

Director: Roman Villevoye
Producer: Studio Selvedge
Director of Photography: Joris Bulstra
BLUE: Patrizio Bucci
GREEN: Luis Pedraza
Choreagraphy: Stefan Ernst
Focus Puller: Rob van Dam
Gaffer: Koen van Bergen
Editor: Roman Villevoye
Make-Up: Vera Dirkx
Fashion: Lena Berens
Bag Design: Milan Palma
Production Design: I O I A
Music Composer: Tim Coenen
Title Design: Tim Frijsinger, Janneke Swinkels