AnoukxVera x CreativeFood DDW2017


Designer: Anoukxvera + Creative Food Studio
Film: Studio Selvedge
Music: Kratos Himself

Creative Food Studio and AnoukxVera welcome you to a tactile voyage through imaginative landscapes. Here they challenge your perception of dining and stimulate all your senses in a unique way. Three exclusive eight course lunches including drinks will take place during the Dutch Design Week where you are able to take part in an innovative experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional dining and in which food, fashion, ceramic, sound and interior designers color the story.

This experience has been curated by:

Anouk van de Sande ● Naresh Ramdjas ● Vera de Pont


Studio Selvedge’s spend the day with the full team who were busy providing the Fashion Food Experience. We made an after movie for the event where all the elements come together. Music was created by Kratos Himself

For the promo we used our high speed slow motion camera which can film up to 400 fps, and this was used for these super slow motion images of different kinds of food. We used a composition and colour pallet to make everything abstract and not immediately visible of what you are actually looking at.  Adding line and visual text animation to take this abstract feeling up a notch. All visuals in close collaboration with Anoukxvera. Kratos Himself added the music and sounds.